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Plants for
Nonwovens made from man-made polymer
mainly out of polypropylen (PP), polyethylen (PE), polyester (PET), polyamid (PA) but also others like polybutylenterephtalat (PBT),
polyurethan (PU), polylactid (PLA)
from continuous filaments: textile from 5 µm (micron)/ 0,2 dtex onwards microfibers around 1 µm/ 0,01 dtex into the nano domain below 1 µm
Nonwovens made from natural (green) polymer
like cellulose out of a lyocell-solution
To come: micro-denier yarns of endless filaments
Capacity: pilot plants with e.g. 1 m and production plants with e.g. 3,5 m web width, throughput from 70 - 250 kg/(h*m) per spin beam
Web weight: weight from 5 to 100 g/m2, even more or less
Supply: of single spin machines/ beams to revamp existing or for new nonwoven plants from melt distriution to filament deposit as nonwoven.
The labels spinnefein®, spider fine® and Nanovlisz® are registered marks from Nanoval for these kind of products.
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